A series of clouds hug the green mountain side.

Leveraging lessons and experience from a successful track record on project-based carbon finance in the land-use sector, the BioCF Initiative for Sustainable Forest Landscapes strives to create a portfolio of landscape-level programs to transform large rural areas by protecting natural forests, restoring degraded lands, enhancing agricultural productivity, improving livelihoods and local environments.




Following is a collection of news on the BioCF:


IFC, Nespresso, BioCarbon Fund join forces to help coffee farmers (CNBC)

IFC, Nespresso, BioCarbon Fund Help Coffee Farmers Boost Productivity and Climate Resilience in Ethiopia and Kenya (The Financial)

Norway, UK, U.S. allocate $280 million to stop deforestation (Reuters)

Unilever Joins Norway, U.K., U.S. in $280 Mln Forest Plan (Bloomberg)

COP 19: Norway, UK, and US pledge $280m for public-private forest protection initiative (Business Green)

$280m forests initiative launched at UN climate talks in Warsaw (The Guardian)

Norway, USA & UK pledge $280 million to combat deforestation (Responding To Climate Change)

COP19: new public-private forest protection initiative receives $280m pledge from Norway, UK, and US (Climate Action Programme)

U.S. to join new $280M forest protection fund (ClimateWire)

New US$280 million Initiative for Sustainable Forest Landscapes announced by top REDD+ donor nations (WWF)

Prince Charles warns over inability to tackle climate change (The Telegraph (UK))