With the current level of funding, the BioCarbon Fund ISFL will create a portfolio of about four jurisdictional programs with country and regional diversity. A farmhouse and fields sit at the bottom of a forest valley.Jurisdictions will be identified based on a set of criteria that help to identify areas where ISFL can have the greatest impact.

The criteria are mainly related to REDD+ progress, trends in national agriculture production, and trends for global commodities but also include an assessment of the strength of the enabling environment, institutional matters, and non-carbon benefits.

The ISFL has programs in ColombiaEthiopia , and Zambia. A program in Indonesia is currently under consideration. 

Multi-stakeholder engagement and coordination will take place at the level of the country programs. Consultation and participation of key stakeholders will be an integral part of program development and implementation and will build on existing participatory mechanisms developed during the REDD+ readiness phase or other relevant processes of participating countries to the extent possible.